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Our back garden
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sydney Royal Easter Show- An Easter tradition

This Easter I finally made it back to "The Sydney Royal Easter Show," I Haven't been for at least 6 years after the death of my son. It holds so many fond memories but I haven't been able to bring myself to go. This year my husband won two free tickets so it spurred us on to go.My younger son invited a friend so he didn't have to hang around with the "old parents!"
The Sydney Royal Easter Show, is an annual show held in Sydney, Australia over two weeks around Easter. It is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales and was first held in 1823.
The Show comprises an agricultural show, an amusement park and a fair and combines the elements of each, showcasing the judging of livestock and produce. This comprehensive fair has many competitions including arts and crafts, photography and cookery, as well as tests of strength and skill such as wood chopping. The Show also has shopping, restaurants, commercial stands and exhibits, a horticultural display, a national accredited conformation dog show and cat show, and stage and arena shows. The Show currently attracts one million people per year- Thanks Wikipedia.
I love the wood work and painting exhibits. Not too sure about the scones and cake displays. They usually look very unappetising.
As a kid I loved the show bag pavillion. Then it was just chocolates and lollies in showbags. Now it is toys, bags, perfume, makeup.
I settled for ,"the Better Homes and gardens," showbag this year. Free samples of food, toothbrushes and play dough. Now what am I going to do with that??? plus Better Homes and Gardens magazines.
Sideshow Alley. My younger son's favourite place.
The Laughing Clowns and Haunted House. I love the laughing Clowns. Everyone wins a prize. My kind of game.

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  1. Thanks for following. I remember going to the show when I was a young teenager many many years ago. I enjoyed the sheep dog trials and the animals.