Our back garden

Our back garden
The pond

Monday, March 28, 2011

The end is in site.

Well we're nearly there. It has been one week today since the house imploded in a frenzy of renovations.I can now see the end in site. The lounge and dining areas are nearly done and looking good.It's like having a new house without moving. I will share some before and after pictures here.Then it's back to unloading the boxes.
Who needs the gym when you're renovating.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

De cluttering

Today it starts. I have just too many nick nacks. I have decided I have to minimalise. Now that is going to be a hard task for a girl that just can't throw out anything.At the moment I just love the new floors and I have started rearranging the lounge room. It looks so good with just the basics. I have to be strong. Here are a few photos of my many nick nacks. What to do!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tasmania, wood and more

Tasmania abounds in wooden products.There are gift shops everywhere selling wooden bowls,serving ware, wooden fruit, cutting boards, coasters, boxes, pens from the usual to the unusual."Wood on Salamanca," has some amazing pieces.Huon Pine, Blackwood, Sassafras and Myrtle are some of the woods available.Classwood tas has an ebay site and we actually went to the shop at a place called Ross. Amazing stuff! I am no way an expert on wood but I know my dad had a lathe and used to make a few things.I think most people in Tasmania do some kind of craft work.
While in Tasmania we saw these amazing carvings at a place called "Campbell Town." Each made from a single tree trunk.

Tasmania- I love it

My dad came from Tasmania,he lived in a small tin mining town originally called "Bradshaw's Creek," and then it was strangely changed to the name "Pioneer" for some unknown reason in the 1950's.Pioneer is in the north east of Tasmania. Apparently it is now a virtual ghost town inhabited by alternative people??? The mind boggles!!!I had always wanted to see where my dad grew up and finally I had the chance. In January this year we decided we had to see Tasmania.It is only an hour an a half flight from Sydney but it is so, so different. We arrived in Hobart, the capital and had to walk down stairs from the plane.It was like walking back in time 20 years. We left 40 degree C temperatures in Sydney and met 20 degree C temperatures in Hobart.What a beautiful untouched City. I have never seen anything so beautiful. Buildings sloping down to a wonderful harbour.The sun not setting until 9:30 p:m at night. It is so close to the south pole.More to come

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Frankie- My furry friend

Now what would life be like without an animal to share it with? I wouldn't know. In my life I have had cats, birds, fish, tortoise and dogs.
I just love animals, especially dogs. Frankie is our third, furry friend of the canine persuasion. His predesessors were Abby, the tri coloured Collie rough (like Lassie but cuter and such a sweetie) and Mickey the basenji cross- (a wild man but had his good points, he didn't bark and he loved a cuddle.)Sadly Abby and Mickey are now in that bone hunting field in the sky.
Now we have Frankie a maltese cross something,. Not sure what that something is but pretty sure there is chihuahua somewhere there. Frankie is handbag size and I've often been tempted to stick him into mine and take him to the shops. I nearly smuggled him into my online baggage on my recent trip to Tasmania. Now no one would notice him in the overhead locker would they?
Frankie is a very smart cookie. He has a reportaire of tricks- shake,high five,beg,roll over, stay, play dead and kiss but of course there's a catch. He won't perform unless he has a Schmacko's. I don't know what they put in those things but I think it is equivalent to human drugs. Mmmmmm!He'd do anything for them.
Frankie also gets dressed up a fair bit. He's not too happy about it but whats a dog to do.


Here I sit amongst a pile of furniture, ornaments and nick nacks. It is the third day of replacing our well worn carpet with wooden floorboards.
How did I ever accumulate so much junk? Never again!From now on it is going to be the bare essentials.( message to future self- No going back on this!!)
I think living in a tent may be the answer but I'm not really a tent ytpe of girl. I had enough of that on camping holidays in my childhood. Never again! Five star all the way now, please.
I'll leave today with some pictures of my garden. (The only part of my property not affected by complete disaster at the moment.) These were taken a while ago so there has been some change but basically they are still the same.