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Our back garden
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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Rocks Ghost Tour, Sydney- seriously good fun

On Saturday night, my husband son and I went on The Rocks, Ghost Tour- Dark Northside.
As it didn't start 'till 7:45 p:m we had a wonderful dinner at the nearby,Orient Hotel built in 1844.See accompanying photo.There are so many old pubs at the Rocks and you can go on a pub crawl if you want to experience them all. They were all built in the early 1800's so they are very quainte and old fashioned.
The Rocks was the first area settled by the English in 1788. It was notoriously known for crime as most of the early in
habitants were convicts.There were lots of deaths through disease and murder so it is easy to see how the area can be haunted. On the Tour we all had to take on a part of a ghost or victim. I was the Mrs Cadman who apparently haunts Cadman's cottage, the oldest surviving convict dwelling from Old Sydney Town.My husband was the Drunken sailor who met his untimely death at the hands of the notorious Rocks Push Gang and my son a French manservant who chopped up his master. ew!
The tour was fun and full of laughs and also quite creepy,especially in the archeological dig and the coffin builders house.Lots of spirit orbs captured on camera.

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